Food stamp cuts force local families onto a tighter budget

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Millions of families across the country are shopping on a tighter budget after stimulus money for food stamp benefits has run dry as of midnight November first.

The reduction means the average family will receive $1.40 per family member per meal.

At the Thriftway Store, and most every grocery store in the Kansas City metro, there aren't many items down the aisles for under $2.

On average, the reduction will mean a family of four will now have 36 fewer dollars a month.

One in 10 people in Kansas are on food stamps, and in Missouri, 1 in 7.

Still, the cuts may not be over, both Republicans and Democrats have proposed slicing money off the program. Senate Democrats have proposed cutting four and a half billion dollars while House Republicans are pushing for ten times that: almost 40 billion dollars.

Local food stamp recipients say that will hurt them: "With the holidays coming up like Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can't really enjoy those days as you had in previous years due to the cut,
Johnny Danner said.

Rosetta Davis chimed in, "I have lots of grandkids. Myself, I only get $32 a month in food stamps. It's hard to shop here for under $32. It will be really hard for me and quite a few other families."

The cut is also expected to hurt grocers like Thriftway, where almost 70% of all sales come from food stamps.

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