Former college football player avoids jail time after lying about age online to lure minors

LIBERTY, Mo. - Former William Jewell football player Blake Brown won't see jail time, but does face probation for lying about his age online to try to get a minor to have sex with him.

A Clay County judge sentenced Brown Friday after he pleaded guilty to the charge. Originally, Brown faced an attempted sexual assault charge in 2012. That charge made headlines and accused Brown of sneaking into a teen's home to have consensual sex then trying to have sex with the teen's younger sister. Brown pleaded not guilty to that charge.

That attempted sexual assault charge was later changed to a charge of "age misrepresentation with intent to solicit a minor via the internet for sexual misconduct."

After the first charge made headlines, law enforcement received dozens of calls claiming Brown had reached out to them on social media including Facebook.  Those reports resulted in one charge.

Brown was sentenced to a four-year suspended prison sentence, probation and community service. He will not be allowed to be on any form of social media, text, or use the internet during his probation.

"Boo hoo," Tracey Sawyer said. "I couldn't care less. He deserves anything he gets and if that's the worst he gets, he should be thanking God."

Sawyer claims Brown approached her underage daughter.

"He still got a slap on the hand," she said. "He's still out there."

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