Former Fairway councilman's rally against Walmart backfires

FAIRWAY, Kan. - Before former Fairway, Kan., councilman John Ridenour refused to answer 41 Action News, he didn't have a choice but to answer his neighbors when confronted at the meeting he called for.

Ridenour wrote and dropped off a letter around his neighborhood telling his neighbors on be on alert for code violations that might lower property values.

He suggested that a "different class" of people would stumble upon their neighborhood on the way to the new Walmart on Johnson Drive.

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He believes it will bring junk cars, trash and lower property values.

Monica Rios decided to stand up to Ridenour over the words he used.

"I want you to know I'm a good woman," she said. "I have a junk car."

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Despite the letter, Ridenour says he didn't mean it to come across as it did.

"I put no ethnicity into that letter," Ridenour said. "How much more can I apologize?"

Rios says she wants to put this behind her.

"I wanted to make my peace with you because I have forgiven you and I hope you understand that it's because I felt you focused in on the Mexican American community." Ridenour said.

Ridenour's last words before walking away from the crowd and the cameras were "I'm sorry you felt that way, but I never intended to not by any direction at all."

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