Fund for victims of JJ's explosion kicks off with $50,000 donation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The head of AEG joined the owners of JJ's Restaurant to announce a fund for those injured in the explosion earlier this month.

CEO Tim Leiweke announced a $50,000 donation to the JJ's Staff Assistance Fund between AEG & the Sprint Center foundation on Thursday, which will help employees and injured first responders recuperate.

JJ's owners Jimmy and Dave Frantze spoke of the employee lost in the fire, Megan Cramer, as well as the sous chef still in the hospital, Patrick Woodward.

Jimmy said Woodward as buried under the rubble after the explosion, until bartender Clay Samuels and a passerby ran inside the burning building and freed him.

Both Frantze brothers expressed sincere gratitude for Kansas City, the outpouring of support from which they said was nothing less than inspiring.

There's been no word yet how much money has been raised from other fundraising efforts.

Any Country Club Bank branch can accept donations to the fund. You can find additional information on the restaurant's Facebook page.

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