Northland business owners react to Google Fiber limitations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Google Fiber could be in your neighborhood as soon as this fall - but only if enough people show interest.

Google Fiber offers internet speeds up to 100 times faster than the broadband Americans are currently getting.

Residents in all of Kansas City, Kan., have the option to pre-register but parts of Kansas City, Mo., were left out of the equation.

Jason Logan, sales director for Premier Document Imaging Solutions, has Fiber Envy.

His business is located in the Northland, north of where Google has chosen to experiment with fiber.

"This is the beginning of something truly amazing in terms of internet connectivity," gushed Logan.

He knows, like all web-based businesses, fiber could mean greater productivity and greater profit.

However, Logan plans to be patient. He understands why Google limited its test area.

"Keep it small, work out the bugs, make sure it works, make sure it's rock solid," he said.

Currently, pre-registration for Google Fiber is limited to households. So, when the Northland get's the same opportunity, Logan will be ready.

"If it cost me a thousand dollars, I am ready to go whenever they are," he said. To him, the technology brings endless possibilities.

South of Logan, the race for Fiber is on.

"Each Fiberhood consists of you and about 800 of your neighbors," a Google staff member explained on Thursday.

Fiberhoods have been pitted against one another.

Those with the most interest (most pre-registrants) get fiber first. Plus, that same one-gig-a-second internet service at schools and libraries for free.

On the contrary, areas with little interest could be left behind.

"It's not just a personal choice, but it's a community choice to fire up your entire neighborhood at the same time," explained Google CFO Patrick Pichette.

Mayors from both sides of the state line know this chance for trial innovation doesn't come around often.

"We have a gift for a period of time, before everybody gets that same gift. What we do with that gift is entirely up to us," said KCMO Mayor Sly James.

The ‘rally' or pre-registration period runs until September 9.

Fore more information about Google Fiber in Kansas City, go to

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