Google Fiber pre-registration showcases Troost divide

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Troost Avenue has been the dividing line for economic development for years. Now some say it could also be the split for the first wave of access to Google Fiber, which has neighborhood organizations working hard to get homeowners east of Troost pre-registered by September 9.

The Blue Hills area is one of of the Google neighborhoods, called "fiberhoods," that have not met the 10 percent pre-registration requirement to be wired for Google Fiber.

Jenna Wandres, a member of the Google Fiber team, said the company is working with community organizations to get people pre-registered.

"Of the 202 'fiberhoods,' 105 have met the pre-registration requirements. We're working with community organizations to get more people registered east of Troost," Wandres said.

If you glance at the Google map, there is a clear divide between the homeowners who have met the pre-registration requirement west of Troost and the families east of Troost who are still coded in yellow and orange.  

See the map here:

That's a digital divide Google will continue working to bridge until the September 9 pre-registration deadline.

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