Graffiti on road signs is getting harder to remove for road crews and more expensive for taxpayers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tag artists recently got onto an exit road sign off of Interstate 35 and Southwest Blvd/Mission Road/37th Street.

Oscar Hamilton with KDOT says the graffiti is so bad, chemicals won't work, and their only option is do what they call "reskin" the sign. That process will cost taxpayers $6,500.

Hamilton said the process involves covering what's been spray painted.

Crews will also remove the catwalks and ladders, which is more than likely the way the vandals got to the signs in the first place. In 2012, graffiti on road signs added up to $18,400.

To clean-up the graffiti KDOT crews will have to reduce lanes of traffic along southbound I-35. The work has not been scheduled yet.

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