Grandview High School placed on lockdown after gun accidentally discharges in locker room

GRANDVIEW, Mo. - Parents and students are shaken up this afternoon after a shot rang out at Grandview High School.

"I was really scared because today I didn't want to die," said sophomore Eli Thompson, 16.

Eli was in her nutrition class when she heard a loud bang, followed by an overhead message letting everyone on campus know the school was on lockdown.

Eli said the classroom went dark as her teacher locked the door and her classmates huddled in the back corner of the room.

"Some students were afraid and some students actually hid in the closets and under the cabinets we have in there," she explained. "I was at the very back of the classroom. I was thinking of my escape plan I was going to do because there are windows and there's a back door I can get out from."

She credits her mom Robyn with helping her stay calm during chaos -- together the two chatted over Facebook to come up with a plan should Eli need to flee.

"They need to do something," said Robyn of the school administration. "These kids go to school to be safe and to learn. If they are getting put on lockdown because some kid brought a gun to school for God knows what, it's not right to these other kids."

Which is why this mother plans to keep her daughter home from school at least through tomorrow, or until police complete their investigation.

Eli said the school does not have metal detectors and that this is not the first time a student has brought a weapon onto the campus.

According to the school, at approximately 8:55 a.m. a gun was discharged accidentally in a P.E. locker room, according to the school officials. They said all students are safe and no one was injured.

The school said students were evacuated from the area and held in their classrooms while police were called to investigate.

“The safety of our students and staff is our top priority,” said Sheba Clarke, public relations coordinator for the school district. “Currently an investigation is in process and student discipline will take place according to board policy and statute.“


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