Group of inner city students spend their snow day shoveling snow

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sometimes those life lessons are taught outside of the classroom, and they can be difficult to learn in the snow.

But the students aren't raising money to go to the movies with their friends on the weekend; they're raising money to help their families, and save for the future.

For Morgan Peterson, Tyvion Nelson and Victor Hill, a day off from school means a day of hard work during the biggest snow storm of the year.

"It's better than me just sitting at home," Hill said.

Their mentor Tryone Flower, of Higher Impact, is trying to teach these kids and other high-risk youth in Kansas City the value of honest work.

"Some of our kids feel like they have to do wrong in order to do right; go out there and maybe commit a crime or hustle somebody out of something, versus some good honest hard work," Flower said.

So the Kansas City trio formed their own business group.

"If I was to do this by myself, it would probably take forever, but while I got teamwork, it would probably take us ten minutes," Hill said.

"They came up with the concept: Hill and Peterson Services," said Flowers. "That's when it was two of them, and when they recruited a third kid, now it's Hill Peterson and Nelson."

Even on a snow day, valuable life lessons prevail.

"Sometimes your hands are cold, sometimes you just want to give up because your arm hurts, your body hurts, but then when you think about the outcome of it, you just keep going," Hill said.

Many of the neighbors they worked for have asked them to come back in the summer to cut their grass, so these three are looking forward to more opportunities when it gets warmer outside.

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