Gun enthusiasts say legal changes would be unfair

Gun sales are on the rise across the country, and in Kansas City, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The FBI tracks the number of background checks processed each day.  Many checks are done for people who intend to purchase a weapon.

"Folks are very concerned about losing some of their gun rights," said Rex Kehrli, promoter of Kansas City's latest gun show held this weekend at the KCI Expo Center.

Some gun buyers said their concerns stem from Vice President Joe Biden, who chairs a panel that has been asked by the president to look into strengthening the country's gun laws.

Proposals presented to the Biden-led panel include mandating universal background checks, a reinstatement of the assault-weapons ban and limiting access to high-capacity ammo clips.

The National Rifle Association has said it plans to fight the suggested changes on behalf of all gun owners.

"The vice president and his folks are focusing primarily on firearms ownership and what we consider Second Amendment rights of the American people," David Keene with the NRA said.

That perception has some Kansas City area gun owners siding with the NRA.

One enthusiast said at a recent gun show that any changes in the laws would not solve the problem of mass shootings, but would, instead, hurt hard-working Americans with a hobby.

"I guarantee you, 100 percent of these people in here are legal gun owners, and nobody's going to go out and buy a gun and shoot anybody here.  But you can't keep criminals from getting guns. I don't care how many bans you put on them, they're going to get their weapons," Gary Hoeflicker said.

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