Hale Cook Elementary School to reopen this fall

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hale Cook Elementary School has been shuttered since 2009, but thanks to the efforts of a local group, that's about to change.

Juanita Withers is 88-years-old and has a heart condition, but she still gets around pretty well. She likes to take a stroll through her neighborhood when the weather's nice, making sure she passes by Hale Cook Elementary school. Her three children went there, so when word of its closing came, she took it hard.

"When they closed I cried, that's the truth," she said.

That was back in 2009, but thanks to a group called Friends of Hale Cook, the doors will reopen this fall.

Ashley Hand, of Friends of Hale Cook, said enrollment is going on now.

"Our goal is to have two kindergarten and one first grade class," she said.

The building is in good shape, despite being mothballed for three years. On Thursday, about 60 volunteers came out to the school to help spruce up the outside of the campus. 

For Withers, the rebirth of the Hale Cook couldn't be better.

"I'm just happy it's going to open ... it's a good school," she said.

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