High school kicks off anti-marijuana campaign

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Momentum to legalize marijuana is building in Kansas and Missouri, but that's not stopping one high school in the metro from encouraging students to stay away from the drug.

During the lunch hour on Tuesday, Park Hill High School students took the pledge not to use marijuana. They didn't do it by signing a piece of paper; instead they did it by dancing to the beat.

Taylor Cofield is part of the group DECA, which is for future entrepreneurs and business-minded students. Each year, they spend months on their anti-drug campaign. This year it's called, "Drop it Like it's Pot."

"We're not telling you that marijuana is bad, but we're telling you that it is illegal and if you're caught with the substance you will have to pay a consequence," Cofield said.

The marketing campaign is focused on real statistics, which they posted all around the school.

Students took a school-wide survey where the group learned the majority of students didn't realize the consequences of using pot and rights they could lose if they get charged with a felony.

"I think the thing about the voting really surprised me, that if you have a drug possession charge you're not allowed to vote," senior Tate Hayes said.

 "For me personally, I found out that 18,000 military personnel have been discharged from the military for marijuana usage, which was really surprising to me," Cofield said.

Another statistic that surprised students is that they can't have a career in law enforcement if they have a felony drug charge on their record.

 "I hope that they learn just simple things like the consequences of marijuana, what negative effects it can have for you not just on your body, but your future," Cofield said.

To reach even more student the group created a Twitter account where they also post the pot statistics. You can follow their campaign on Twitter @ PHSOTG

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