Honesty pays off big for KC homeless man

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It pays to be honest.

Honesty recently paid off big for a homeless Kansas City man after he gave an expensive engagement ring back to the rightful owner.

Two months ago, Sarah Darling accidently dropped her engagement ring in Billy Ray Harris' change cup.

He was asking for money on the sidewalks of the Country Club Plaza.

Harris admits he visited a local pawn shop that offered him $4,000 for the beautiful ring, but he decided to hold onto it in case Darling showed up.

And she did. He handed over the ring.

"It was such a feeling of loss when it was gone and so I'm eternally grateful ... thank you!" Darling told Harris.

Since then, Darling and her husband, Bill, set up a fund for Harris. The money has poured in and some 8,000 people have donated more than $183,000.

Harris' story has made national news.
On Sunday morning, Harris and the ring's owner, Sarah Darling, were on NBC's Today Show.

Darling told the host, "I was hoping to achieve about $4000 since that's what he was offered on the spot for the ring. I had no idea."

Now Harris considers the couple friends.

"We've been to hockey games and were hoping to do some movies, but we missed those, " Harris explained, "But we've been doing a lot of hanging out and stuff like that."

But Harris concluded the best outcome of the story is reuniting with his family, who he had lost track of for the last 16 years.

In fact, he had been gone so long, they had wondered if he was dead.
Harris is no longer homeless and now has a job.



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