Hyde Park residents meet with city leaders to discuss traffic, parking concerns

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Restoration and revitalization are good things for Kansas City.

But on Tuesday night, residents of the historic Hyde Park neighborhood said they are bringing growing pains.

Residents met with city leaders and engineers to talk about traffic and parking concerns.

More residents mean more cars and more congestion. Concerns included more cross walks for students and turn lanes. They're also looking at making the area more bike friendly.

The city recently added "sharrows." One lane is designated as "shared" between cars and bikes.

"Some people don't know that bicycles have all the same rights of a driver in a car. So to have those on Armour Boulevard just helps people understand that they need to share the road," Chris Harper of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association said.

Organizers of the forum look at this as a proactive study. They plan to address many of the concerns in the coming months.

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