Improved road clean up help KCMO firefighters

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The people who most need the streets to be cleared of snow gave this year's street conditions a big thumbs up.

Kansas City firefighters, who rely on every second to respond to a fire, said the city's crews cleared the streets of snow better than last year.

This week, Mayor Sly James asked businesses to stagger the times they opened so drivers wouldn't hit the morning drive time at the same time. On Monday, Mayor James also asked people to stay home despite some accusing him of over reaching his power.

Still, the city said many residents and businesses complied and it worked. It said the number of accidents reported was down from last year and as of Tuesday, the city had issued no tickets to violators parked along snow routes. 

Last year, after the weather dumped 10 inches of snow on city streets in a matter of hours, emergency crews lost precious time responding to accidents. One neighborhood even came together to shovel out an ambulance stuck in the snow.

Firefighters, who responded to a house fire on Indiana Street Wednesday, said they felt like plows had hit nearly every street, allowing them to do their job to the fullest,

"This year, everybody did a good job, staying out of the plow's way. Every street has had at least one run down the middle...certainly makes our job easier," Battalion Chief Mike Cashen said.


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