Independence PD called to man's home day before shooting

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Police say Jeffrey Wahl walked up to Pamela and Carl Bryant's home in Independence early Monday morning and when the homeowner came to the door with a gun, Wahl turned the gun on Carl and shot both him and his wife.

Neighbors said this was the second day in a row police were called because of Wahl.

Laura Wright lives in the same duplex as Wahl.  She said she woke up Monday morning to police telling him to open up and later found out her neighbors were shot in their driveway. Wright wasn't surprised to hear who police went after.

"I've been on alert anyway because he had an altercation with other neighbors yesterday that he didn't shoot but threatened with a knife," Wright said.

Neighbors said Wahl walked over and stole his next door neighbor's mailbox then slashed their tires on Monday. Wahl was charged with assault, property damage and stealing in that incident.

Then Tuesday morning, police showed up at Wahl's house again. Police said Wahl rang his neighbors' doorbell after he apparently slashed their tires.

Wright said the couple was wary of Wahl before.

"Earlier this spring they stopped me when I was out walking and said, ‘You do realize that there's a sex offender living there?' And I said yes I do because one of the previous tenants in my unit left it written on the wall," Wright said.

Wahl is a registered sex offender in Missouri for an indecent exposure conviction from California.

Jackson County Prosecutors charged Wahl with two counts of assault in the first Degree and two counts of armed criminal action in Tuesday's incident.

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