Inmates donate $500 and handmade goods to fire-damaged shelter for homeless pregnant teens

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - What could you do with $500?

To some, it may seem like a small amount of money. To others, $500 is a good chunk of change.

To Mother's Refuge, a center for homeless pregnant teens in Independence, $500 means the world. That's because they're receiving $500 from the women at the Chillicothe Women's Correctional Center.

The home that houses Mother's Refuge caught fire in early October. Smoke, fire and water damage closed its doors. Leaders estimate the repairs will take the better part of six months.

Mother's Refuge director, Robert Zornes, has asked the community to donate time, talent and money to the rebuilding effort.

The inmates in Chillicothe took that message to heart.

On Thursday, a representative from the prison will write a $500 check to Mother's Refuge. Zornes will also accept hand-crafted crocheted blankets and gloves from the women.

The items and money will go to the Mother's Refuge mission and the women it serves.

This donation is one of many Mother's Refuge has received in recent weeks.

The center for homeless pregnant teens is also competing for a grant. Click here to learn more about the Facebook contest. Look for the video of women sitting around a table together. Zornes' group has the chance to win a $10,000 grant through this contest.

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