Councilman Brooks responds to accusations of sexting and blackmail

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It was an explosive day of revelations inside City Hall following a 41 Action News investigation that uncovered a Kansas City councilman's sexting scandal and allegations of blackmail.

The big question was whether Councilman Michael Brooks would respond to the swirling controversy. Brooks did speak and offered some surprising details.

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With a crowd of reporters, Brooks apologized to the public, but denied a connection to $15,000 of taxpayer money for a Floyd Mayweather Jr. event that never happened.

"I'm still going to tell you the two had nothing to do with each other. $15,000 had nothing to do with the blackmail, but that's not what you reported and you know that's not the truth," Brooks said. "That's the very reason why I don't make comments to the press because you knew the truth and you reported it anyway. Now, let me see if you will print that in the news."

41 Action News contacted Brooks over a period of several weeks, requesting interviews to respond to the blackmail allegations and sexting scandal. Brooks never addressed any of the issues or offered any comments.

The woman in in the investigation said the organizers of a Floyd Mayweather Jr., event that never happened had the photos and used them to pressure the councilman.

"Kansas City deserves to know what happened to the money. Wrong is wrong. Wrong is wrong," she said.

The woman showed a text mentioning blackmail and shared her story with the FBI.

But on Thursday, Councilman Brooks shocked everyone by saying he too has spoken with the FBI about the woman blackmailing him.

When asked how much she was blackmailing him for, Brooks said $60,000. When asked why he did not offer that detail months ago when 41 Action News first inquired, Brooks did not answer.

On Thursday evening, news broke that community activist Ron Hunt was out of a job at the Full Employment Council following the investigation.

In the 41 Action News investigation, Hunt first denied having the sexting photos. However, he later admitted he had them and had shown them to Brooks.

Hunt was one of the organizers of the failed Mayweather event who later received some of the taxpayer funds for a trip to Las Vegas and a "consulting fee."

"Mr. Hunt is no longer an employee of FEC," said President Clyde McQueen. "As in all matters regarding personnel actions,  the circumstances surrounding Mr. Hunt's separation remain proprietary and confidential."

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