Department of Social Services releases records of LP, 10-year-old girl kept in closet

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Department of Social Services has released its records to 41 Action News concerning the little girl known as L.P. -- the 10-year-old found locked in a closet last summer.

The Department of Social Services released hundreds of pages of records Thursday morning.

According to the documents, the department knew about the treatment of L.P. for years, and even took her away from her mother Jacole Prince before she was found severely malnourished last summer.

In fact, the records show the department first had contact with L.P. and her mother in October 2005, after Prince took her daughter to Children's Mercy Hospital.

Prince told doctors L.P. had drank a bottle of Pine Sol in the bathroom, vomited, and passed out.

Doctors diagnosed L.P. as being malnourished and recommended surgery for another medical issue. Social workers reported not seeing enough evidence that the situation required intervention.

Prince missed taking L.P. to follow up visits to the surgery. However, when she finally did bring L.P. to doctors in January 2006, nurses discovered she weighed less than she did in October.

L.P. would have been 4 years old at the time, but looked like a 2 year old. Records show that Prince told the social worker that, "she would feed her more if L.P. wouldn't have so many accidents."

Prince reportedly told the social worker that she didn't like cleaning up the messes.

It took social workers had to go to court twice to get a judge to finally approve state custody of L.P and her younger half-sister.

Prince went through a state check list and through parenting classes to work to get back custody of L.P. and her sister.

The records show L.P. told social workers she believed she had been locked in the closet on and off since 2007. She said she was not allowed food and hadn't celebrated her birthday or Christmas in several years.

L.P.'s records are just one of three files requested by the 41 Action News Investigators. The department says it anticipates it will soon release the records of Lucas Webb, a 4 year old who died after he was allegedly kicked in the stomach by his step-mom.

We've also requested the records of a little girl known as "G.W." She was also found locked in a room, malnourished and covered in her own urine in July 2012. The department says is still reviewing her filed to determine whether or not to release it.

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