Surveillance video shows Unified Government commissioner's LEGOLAND outburst prior to arrest

Surveillance video obtained by 41 Action News shows an elected official's outburst prior to him leaving a Crown Center family attraction in handcuffs.

Last month, 41 Action News broke the story of Unified Government Commissioner Tarence Maddox's arrest outside LEGOLAND on August 17.

Kansas City police cited Maddox for intentionally causing unlawful contact against a LEGOLAND employee and resisting arrest. He is due in municipal court on October 21.

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According to a police report, the incident stemmed from an argument about coupons and the price of admission.

The video, obtained through an open-records request, appears to show Maddox lose his temper and begin shouting at the LEGOLAND staff.

At one point, Maddox walks around the counter and points his finger in the faces of two employees. According to one of the employees, Maddox also "forcefully chest bumped" him during the exchange.

Before leaving the ticket area, the video also shows Maddox knock items off the counter.

Maddox was at LEGOLAND with his family. During the argument, one of Maddox's relatives unsuccessfully tried several times to intervene and pull him away.

The surveillance video does not have audio. Witnesses told 41 Action News Maddox was shouting obscenities and also referenced his elected position.

Last week, 41 Action News uncovered police reports and dashcam video that revealed other arrests and threatening remarks in Maddox's past.

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At the advice of his attorney, Maddox told 41 Action News he is withholding comment until the upcoming court case is resolved.

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