Jackson County admits to flaw in property tax assessment system, thousands now under review

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of Jackson County property tax assessments are getting a second look after officials admitted to a flaw in their assessment system.

Most of the 18,000 assessments getting reviewed are in Midtown areas like the Hyde Park neighborhood.

County officials admitted 18,000 assessments seemed suspiciously high or low. Why? They say it all came down to how neighboring homes sold.

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Assessments are based off of what people recently paid for homes in the same neighborhood. But officials say because there haven't been a lot of home sales lately, their computer program had to compare homes that are farther away and sometimes very different from the ones being assessed, causing the skewed values.

If your home is one of the 18,000 getting reviewed, you will get a notice from the county. If you don't get a notice but still think your assessment is wrong, you need to file an informal appeal on your own.

The deadline to do that is June 14. For information on how to appeal your Jackson County property assessment, go to http://bit.ly/YDYCFC

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