Kasandra Perkins' family testifies in custody hearing for former Chiefs player's orphaned daughter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The custody case for orphaned Zoey Belcher entered day two as two families fight to care for the daughter of Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins.

Attorneys revealed dark times for both families and both of Kasandra's parents cried for their only daughter.

Tearful testimony came from Kasandra's mother about the last time she saw her alive and their repaired relationship during Kasandra's pregnancy with Zoey. Kasandra, she testified, talked about her rocky relationship with Jovan Belcher.

She also talked about not wanting Zoey to be around his family. Kasandra allegedly told her mother Belcher's family home wasn't clean, people smoked, and too many people passed through.

Attorneys revealed dozens of 911 calls to Belcher's mother's home, but attorneys also revealed Kasandra's father's troubles.

He took the stand acknowledging drug and alcohol convictions, cocaine use, even jail time.

But it's Kasandra's cousin Sophie Perkins who is petitioning for custody.

Both of Kasandra's parents testified Kasandra wanted Zoey with her family. Belcher's attorneys objected until the judge ruled the wishes of deceased parents must be legally declared and not just heard in conversation.

Wednesday morning was dominated by her paternal grandmother fielding questions from attorneys representing the maternal and paternal sides of this case.

Attorneys spent about an hour combing through dozens of police reports made from Cheryl Shepherd's  home in New York.

Shepherd admitted police have been to her home many times. However, she said the fathers of her daughter's children were often involved with domestic disputes. Yet, Shepherd denied being involved in any of the altercations.

Shepherd told the packed courtroom she would be a good influence on her granddaughter. She told the attorneys she painted Zoey's room in her home in New York to match her room in Belcher and Perkin's Kansas City home "so the child would feel comforted".

She also told stories of adopting two young boys when her cousin wasn't able to care for them, as well as taking in a young mother who delivered a child and was raising it in her closet.

The judge hopes for a decision by Friday.

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