Kansas City asks for donations to help maintain fountains

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's 48-city owned fountains are now flowing again -- but operating them is quite expensive.

While the budget pays for the fountains to be turned on and off, it costs a lot to maintain them. So now the city relies on help from residents.

"Obviously fountains are very expensive to operate, particularly when it comes to servicing and refurbishing them," explained Heidi Downer, director of marketing for the city's Parks & Recreation Department. "We are constantly in the fundraising mode for the fountains."

You can make a donation by going to http://bit.ly/YJD3Se.

The City of Fountains Foundation even has a map showing fountains not only within city limits, but across the metro. You can find that map here: http://bit.ly/10KqjbX

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