Kansas City council and police department compromise on crime lab

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police and city officials have agreed on a size for the East Patrol crime lab.

The City Council unanimously approved a $78 million bond package for the project. The East Patrol crime lab will be built at 27th Street and Prospect Avenue. On Aug. 15 the city said it was $6 million short of an $80 million projection to build the lab.

Advocates for a larger crime lab, including members of the civilian board of police commissioners argued that a larger "lab of the future" would be worth cutting the police budget to fund further.

Two weeks ago, the city council was unconvinced, and put off a decision on the size of the bond package to issue for the combined patrol station and lab until police officials could more clearly explain where money diverted to the crime lab project would come from.

At that meeting two weeks ago, Northland councilmen also raised concerns that cutting the police budget now would mean de facto budget cuts for a planned new North patrol station.

The city had until Sept. 11 to issue the bonds.

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