Kansas City Council votes to extend red light camera contract

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Council voted unanimously to extend the contract for its red light cameras Thursday afternoon.

The extension means American Traffic Solutions will continue to operate the 29 cameras at 17 intersections for the next five years.

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Nearly 200,000 tickets have been issued since the cameras were installed in 2008.

The U.S. Department of Transportation says running red lights is the most common cause of urban crashes. On average, most urban intersections see someone run a red light every 20 minutes.

About 165,000 people are injured in a crash where someone runs a red light every year, according to the department.

In 2008, 762 people died when a driver blew through a red light.

The Kansas City Police Department says there are fewer collisions because of the cameras.

However, wrecks at intersections with red light cameras in Kansas City increased, according to a study released last year.

At 11 of 17 red light camera intersections, crashes jumped 18 percent, an injury accidents rose 13 percent.

The only decrease the study documented were in t-bone wrecks, which are most likely caused by someone running a red light.

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