Kansas City grandmother fears collapsed tree could leave her homeless

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City grandmother is hoping a collapsed tree from Thursday's storms won't leave her homeless.

Glenda McHenry was in her living room when she heard her 4-foot-wide tree in her front yard fall onto her home.

"I heard this loud sound like a cannonball had hit something," McHenry said.

The trunk split about six feet up, and the rest of the 40-foot tree draped onto the front of McHenry's home.

The tree is large enough to have branches impacting both sides of the house, McHenry's longtime friend Levi Jackson said.

"I'm just amazed that it didn't tear the house down for real, so I know God is good," Jackson said, "If another strong wind comes through, it's going to tear through the whole house and she's got to sleep somewhere, and we don't want anybody to get hurt."

Preliminary estimates of the cost to remove the tree are in the thousands.

Since McHenry is on disability and can't afford house insurance, she called the city for help. However, because the tree isn't on city property and is not impacting city power lines, the city said there wasn't much it could do.

"I just hope someone can help me because it's a family home and I would love to keep it in the family," McHenry said.

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