Kansas City Marathon road barricades block more than just roads

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Other than the machines buzzing from the clippers chopping away at Chris Lee's Westport barbershop, things are pretty quiet. What Lee doesn't know is that tomorrow will be much more hectic.

"To be honest with you, I found out about it from you so no plans as of right now," Lee said, who co-owns the Uptown Source Hair Studio.

All the action from the Kansas City Marathon will be just outside of his business, not leaving much room for his customers to get in.

"It's going to affect us a great deal because it's going to keep our clients from being able to get to us fast or find somewhere to find parking," he said.

But Lee can't say he wasn't warned. There were plenty of signs to notify people of the 22-mile route that will be blocked off for the marathon.

"I don't think my customers would be too irritated if it wasn't completely cleared by 9 a.m.," Michael Sansone said, who owns the Westport Cleaners.

Just in case, Sansone took planning into his own hands.

"I went deeper to Google how long it would take the average man to run from crown center to Roanoke," he said.

According to his calculations, that should take about 42 minutes and give him enough time to get his dry cleaners shop ready and cleared for his usual customers.

"I did my own investigation," he said.

Lee, on the other hand, doesn't have a plan just yet.

"I probably will have to contact my clients let them know I'll have to start earlier," he said.

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