Kansas City, Mo., enforcing sidewalk snow ordinance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Starting Tuesday, the city began to do something it hasn't ever done: enforcing its snowy sidewalk ordinance. That means homeowners and businesses must shovel snowy sidewalks or face a penalty.
On Tuesday afternoon, it issued warnings to some downtown businesses that had not cleared Sunday's snow still on the sidewalks. The city will also issue a warning and a fine to homeowners who have not cleared a path around their home.
But what happens to the city when the sidewalks it is responsible for are still snow packed?  The city said it won't get a fine as the ordinance applies to individuals only.

The city began plowing 125 different sidewalk locations Tuesday, giving the busiest sidewalks first priority.

Resident Tony Harris said the city should only enforce ordinances it can live up to.

"You know, that's like the pot calling the kettle black," he said.

The ATA bus system said only its busiest stops are shoveled for riders and that it will take time to get to the other 6,000 stops.

If a rider has an issue they are asked to call the city's 311 line and report it.

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