Kansas City neighborhood remembers car chase collision victim

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - On Tuesday, the Jackson County prosecutor charged 22-year-old Andrew Stark with several charges including involuntary manslaughter and second degree assault after a fatal car collision on Monday.

Independence Police said they chased Stark because of careless driving.

Stark's Saab ended up colliding into 35-year-old Jason Lewis' car at the intersection of 23rd and Hardesty.

Terrance Willis was walking his dog when the Saab sped by. Seconds later he witnessed the violent collision.

Unbeknownst to him, behind the wheel was Lewis, a familiar face to Willis and so many others who live nearby.

"He took off after him and I was like, ‘Yeah! That's him, that's him,'" Willis said as he recounted the moments after the crash.

As the suspect tried to run away, Lewis and his two passengers, 17-year-old Shareyaha King and 35-year-old Vanetta Williams were trapped inside the t-boned car.

"He never came to when I was standing out here so it was pretty bad," Willis said.

Lewis didn't make it.

Willis said Lewis had borrowed the car from a relative to help King and Williams run errands.

"You know he's gives rides to people who don't have rides to the store or wherever they need to go, things like that. He's a good guy," Willis said.

While speaking to others, 41 Action News learned that Lewis worked at the Myers Nursing Home as a cook.

Willis echoed the sentiment that many in the east Kansas City neighborhood felt.

"It's a travesty for real. We're losing a good person on this planet and it's crazy," he said.

Lewis also used his carpentry skills to help others fix things around the neighborhood.

Plans for Lewis' funeral have not yet been announced.

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