Kansas City nonprofit helps mothers recovering from addiction

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There are women in this city who are trying hard to break their addictions. They are moms. Many of them are homeless.

A place called Amethyst Place gives them a roof over their heads. The non-profit has 36 apartment units where women and their children can live as long as the mom stays sober. The mom must work, be in school or in a job training program.

It's transitional housing for women who are recovering addicts and their children. Women can come after 30 days confirmed sobriety where they can move in and live sober productive lives. Most of the women are homeless and have been living in homeless shelters, battered women's shelters or staying in cars.

Amethyst Place allows them to live in their apartments. The non-profit furnishes the apartment with donations from the community.

However, right now, they don't have enough dressers.

"We seem to always be in short supply of dressers," Kimberly Davis, Executive Director of Amethyst Place, said.

If you have a dresser you'd like to donate, the organization does do pick-ups. They just ask you be patient with them because they have a small staff.

All furniture donated is given to the woman when she graduates the program.

"As a sort of a gift when they leave the program they are allowed to take their furnishings with them - incentive to take care of their belongings and to graduate. The mothers take care of their belongings because it belongs to them," Davis said.

To learn more about Amethyst Place, and to learn more about how to donate, visit www.amethystplace.org.

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