Kansas City Secret Santa strikes again

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Secret Santa, the man who makes thousands of people happy each Christmas season, invited me exclusively to go on another one of his "sleigh rides" this year.

I am the only reporter in town to go with this highly secretive man. A man who believes if his identity is ever revealed, the magic of what he does may go away.

Selflessness is key to what he does. The man in the elf hat gives out tens of thousands of dollars every holiday season. But his lucky recipients said his acts of kindness and generosity bring them pure joy not really because of the money, but because of his selfless giving.

"I can't believe there's still this kind of good in the world!" I heard many tearfully say.

He made me cry this year when he made one request of me; tears of pure, humbling happiness. 

Go on Secret Santa's "sleigh ride" with me on this Sunday night after the game on 41 Action News.

Watch the joy of Secret Santa unfold last year: http://bit.ly/1drodEE

Who knows where he'll strike again...

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