Kansas City tackles snow plow complaints

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Thursday, Steve Watson's street was clear, but that wasn't the case just a day ago.

"It was about three inches of ice that was on this street," he said. "Seems like we're always the last one on the list to get shoveled. So I said, 'Well this time, I'm not just going to stand here and let this happen.'"

Watson was one of at least 140 residents to file complaints in the last few days with Kansas City asking for more snow removal. The complaints scatter across a map of the city in blue dots on the city's website.

We checked six addresses where complaints had been filed and half of them were clean. The other half wasn't, including Montgall just south of 74th street and E. 53rd Terrace.

Residents at 70th and Askew called the steep, snow-covered slope of Askew ridiculous. They had filed a complaint 24 hours ago and were still waiting for service.

They might have to just keep on waiting.

"We don't plow in neighborhoods down to bare concrete," Sean Demory of Kansas City, Missouri Public Works said.  "Our crews do one pass to eliminate obstructions and allow access."

Demory said crews don't start on complaints until 36 hours after the snow; 130 complaints are still open but crews had already closed more than 1,100 including those complaints deemed unnecessary.

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