Kansas City's unemployed struggle to find work

Single dad volunteers during two-year job search

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Volunteering keeps Wiley Carter busy as he looks for a job, but it doesn't pay the bills. He's been without a job and helping at Operation Breakthrough for two years, stocking shelves with food and clothing that are donated to families like his own.

"It feels great because they help me out," Carter said.

However, the highlight of his day is heading to the library for some time with his 4-year-old daughter.

"It's been kind of rough trying to be a mom and dad to the kids," Carter said.

The single dad applied to countless job openings.

"I'd say a hundred different places," he said.

He faced challenges like not having a college degree.

"If you aint (sic) got a real big work background, it's hard for employers to hire you," he said.

Sister Berta has helped hundreds of people like Carter through Operation Breakthrough who struggle to find work.

"And the jobs are all south," she said, "I mean, if you have to bring your kids here and then drive two buses, you're going to lose your job."

Carter just got a job in Lenexa; now he just needs a way to get there.

"Whatever it takes," Carter said, "If I have to walk I'm going to be there."

He still has a smile on his face though because his two years of work finally paid off.

"We don't have to depend on anyone to help us if I'm working," he said.

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