KC curfew forces teens to find new fun

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Police began enforcing stricter teen curfews in Kansas City Friday night. So where are teens going for fun? People are working on alternatives.

In the Hillcrest Community Center's gymnasium, basketball broke boredom for five teenage boys affected by it. Changing it caused Central High School sophomore Starr Burgin to sit and dream about change.

"It's too much violence going on with kids dying every day," Burgin said.

She had one friend killed in a drive-by two years ago. She also knows so many shooting victims Burgin has to guess a number.

"(It's) more than 20 people," Burgin said.

That kind of violence reached Kansas City's Plaza last Saturday night. It pushed council to approve stricter youth curfews. However, Friday night Aim4Peace, a group of crime fighters, and volunteers took a different path. They walked two-miles around Central High. They called it a walk for life.

"It's about the community coming together looking at healthy lifestyle as well as healthy choices because we believe violence prevention begins as a holistic approach," said Tracie McClendon-Cole, director of Aim4Peace.

That meant giving people information on everything from better diets to better decision-making. For youth, organizers hoped something as small as a high-five from Mayor Sly James might give them reason to avoid violence.

"If you get the conversation started all sorts of good things happen," Mayor James said.

For Burgin, volunteering with Aim4Peace trying to help her peers is a start.

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