KC woman thanking three who rescued her in snow

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Taylor Barnett of Kansas City, Mo., is grateful for three strangers who came to her rescue early Wednesday morning.

Just after 1 a.m., Barnett was coming home from work, trying to find a place to park when her car got stuck in the snow. 

"I couldn't park on Armour because that's a snow route so I went on to McGee to see if I could find a place to park," she said.

Chris Cannan, a landscaper with Kiwi Landscaping, was on the job plowing and removing snow when he saw Barnett's car.

"I saw the car was stuck and she needed help and I thought that I would want someone to help me if I needed it so I went over and helped her," Cannan said. 

When Barnett got out of her car, the doors automatically locked with her wallet and keys locked in the car. Cannan let Barnett borrow his cell phone to call her mom and let her sit in his car to stay warm.

"I was just glad I could help," Cannan said.

Two Kansas City police officers also stopped at the car and stayed with Barnett until a locksmith arrived.

"I just want to thank them and pay it forward," Barnett said. "The next time I see someone who needs help I will definitely stop and help."

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