KCK City Hall shooting victim's mother has suspicions on who may have killed her son

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The mother of a man gunned down outside of the Kansas City, Kan., City Hall thinks his death may be connected to a court case.

"There is no worse news none," Marlon William's mother Geraldine Williams said.

Geraldine is trying her best to keep it together as she remembers the last moments with her 40-year-old son.

"You know, he was trying," she said, "He was honestly trying to do better he didn't want to be out here on these streets anymore."

She's also trying to understand why someone shot Williams in the head near City Hall Thursday afternoon.

"There's nothing on earth worse than getting a phone call telling you that your child has been shot down like an animal," she said.

Kansas City, Kan., police haven't named any suspects. His mother only has suspicions.

"I don't know," she said, "I know that he had a court date to go to court and testify against these guys, this guy."

Williams had previous arrests including a charge for involuntary manslaughter back in 1996. His mother said he moved to Shawnee to get away from his past. He had a job and was at City Hall to settle a few traffic tickets.

She's now desperate to find out who killed her son and has a message to anyone who may have information.

"Come forward. Tell what you know, try to help me get these people off the streets. They need to be taken off the streets, I mean, if they do it to my son they'll do it to someone else," she said.

We reached out to the Wyandotte County prosecutor to ask about what case Williams was a witness in; however, they refused to comment.

Police confirm they have surveillance footage from the area where Williams was shot, but cannot release any of the tape while they investigate.

Police ask anyone with information to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 878-8477. 

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