KCMO says you can track snow plows

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Snow crews in Kansas City filled their trucks with salt and deployed early Wednesday to prepare for the New Year's snow fall.

Crews will hit the bigger, busier arterial roads, like Wornall, Main Street and The Paseo first, then residential streets will be plowed after the snow stops falling. If you live on a cul-de-sac, you'll probably be last in line.

Kansas City will have about 200 trucks on the streets. The city has a $2.75 million snow removal budget. Public Works has a surplus of about 35,000 tons of salt this year to treat the roads.
Drivers are very prepared to clear the roads this year. City officials said its drivers have been practicing specific routes since early summer.
If you are curious about where the snow plows are in the city and when they will get to your street, Kansas City's trucks are equipped with GPS and you can track them in real time here.

You can also track snow plows in Olathe here.



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