KCP&L: Rate increase, cold temperatures contributed to high electric bill

SPRING HILL, Kan. - Energy costs go up when temperatures drop, but several people were shocked by their Kansas City Power & Light bill last month.

After our story ran Sunday night about electric bills doubling and in some cases tripling in Spring Hill, other neighbors stepped forward about their high bill.

Jenna Marie saw her bill and immediately made changes.

"Right now I have no lights on, no nothing because I'm worried," she said. "I went on Facebook and saw more than 50 comments and they're in the Spring Hill area and they're all having the same problems."

Her usage quadrupled in December and she now has to pay over $800 for the month.

A technician checked her meter and said it worked fine. Home energy experts at Green Improvement Consulting were even surprised.

"Even if they weren't using any backup heat I'd want to know why how could my bill double?" Luke Smith from Green Improvement said.

But more people have come to them for help conserving energy and money.

"Rates across the board are going up so I envision even gas customers are going to experience some sticker shock on their side as well," Jenny Wells of Green Improvement said.

KCP&L cited three possible reasons for the increase.

1. The homes in Spring Hill rely on electricity only and don't use gas for heating.
2. This was the coldest December since 2006.
3. A 6 percent  rate increase went into effect last year.

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