Lindey, German Shepherd who survived fall from overpass, to get surgery after $14k donated

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After surviving a 40-foot fall from an overpass, a German Shepherd is now able to get the surgery needed to recover. That's because the community donated more than enough money to cover the costs associated with the surgery.

Witnesses 2-year-old Lindey fly from the Cesar Chavez viaduct and land in the Hale Arena parking lot last Friday. The dog's health went from bad to worse.

In need of extensive surgery to repair her teeth, spleen, and front paws, Lindey was taken to the Piper Heritage Vet Clinic. Dr. Richard Smith told German Shepherd rescuer Nancy Campbell that the dog needed a $10,000 surgery. The community donated more than $14,800 for the surgery.

Campbell said Lindey will be available for adoption through the organization.

"A real classic set of injuries that she has," Smith said. "Typical of a fall from a high, elevated surface."

Lindey has to wear full-leg splints on her front legs. Without them, should couldn't even stand, let alone walk.

She broke every tendon and ligament in her front paws.

Campbell thanked the community for coming together to help Lindey. One woman alone donated $1,000 to Lindey's fund on Wednesday.

Veterinarians repaired her jaw, teeth and one front paw during surgery on Thursday. They're hoping that with physical therapy, her other front paw will heal without surgery.

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