Local couples react to SCOTUS' DOMA ruling

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As Jim Corrick and Newt Jones sat in the Unicorn Theatre, Jones clutched a large frame holding something that hangs in a prominent place in their home.

Their Iowa marriage license from their ceremony in Des Moines two years ago.

"When we were in Iowa, we were husband and husband," Jones said. "But when we crossed into Missouri we were just good friends."

But Wednesday's Supreme Court ruling gives them cautious hope.

"I'm numb," Jones said. "I don't think it has set in."

"I just started crying," said Caron Hankins about the moment the ruling came down.

"I started screaming," laughed Dayna Deck. The pair got married in Canada in 2011.

Both couples, while pleased with the ruling, acknowledge a long road ahead. Gay marriage is still not recognized in dozens of states.

But this doesn't mean much change for First Baptist Raytown. Pastor Dr. Brandon Park says gay ceremonies still won't be allowed at his church because it goes against biblical scripture.

"It isn't about extending gay marriage as we know it, it's about ending marriage as we know it," Park said. "I believe as a church we are called to love everybody. We are called to welcome everybody, but at the same time we are called to still speak the truth."

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