Local student studying effect of violent video games

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the president calls for further research into the effects of violent video games and media as part of his new gun control plan, a Kansas City man is in the midst of extensive research on the very topic. 

Wade Elmore has already written a thesis at UMKC on human's response to violence in violent video games. Now, he is looking to further his research into the aggression that sometimes follows.

In his previous study, Elmore found a desensitizing effect from violent video games.

"I was looking to see if looking at a violent video game increased the negative reaction or decreased the negative reaction, the natural reaction to violence," he said. "What I found is that it actually decreased, so people who played violent video games for fifteen minutes versus people who played nonviolent video games had a lot less emotional reaction to violent images afterwards."

Though Elmore admits there is evidence linking violent video games to aggression in the lab, he admits discourse on the topic.

"There's some debate going on about what the real-life implications of that are; does it actually translate to people's behavior outside of the lab?" he said.

As President Obama cleared the way for the CDC to begin research, Elmore plans to continue his. He wants to know why the aggression forms in the first place.

"Just digging deeper into those connections," he explained. "Why are we seeing those connections to violent video games and increased lab aggressions? There has to be something else going on, and I think we have the tools now to actually dig in and find those things are connected."




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