Looking back at the May 1907 snowstorm in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Not only is this snowstorm out of the ordinary, it could break records. On Friday, May 3, it will be exactly 106 years since the last measurable snowfall in May.

Mitch Weber went digging through the archives at the Kansas City Public Library downtown to see the headlines from the historic May snowfall in 1907.

The May 3, 1907 edition of the Kansas City Star read: "It began early with large, fluffy flakes that turned to slush."

The editors seemed to have fun with it at the time, captioning a cartoon of a little girl as the "Snow Queen of May".

In the almost-106-year-old article, a spokesman for the Weather Bureau talked about how there had been nothing like it in the 19 years since the bureau was established. One woman even called the Weather Bureau asking when the snow would stop because she was getting married at 4 p.m.

It also contained a warning that garden plants and fruit trees would "surely be killed", and went on to say "The only fruit that's safe now is canned fruit."


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