Low-hanging utility lines create danger for neighborhoods

KANSAS CITY, Kans. - This summer, heat can make us keep our air conditioners and fans cranked up.   

The heat and the power load can make the power and utility lines stretch out and sag.  

While on the way to another story, 41 Action News reporter Mitch Weber noticed droopy lines and found out what you can do if the lines around your home get dangerously low.

Neighbors wouldn't go on camera, but they told 41 Action News the lines have been even lower because of winter weather. They said they called the city and nothing was done. So, we called and found out the line belongs to Time Warner Cable.    

"We want to get these issues fixed. They can be hazards and we understand that, so we want to get those fixed immediately," Time Warner spokesperson Micheal Pedelty said. "And not only can they be hazardous, but really it's about interrupting service because somebody goes underneath one of those and snaps the line." 

Time Warner sent a crew out the same day. They determined the line was really low. Neighbors say that the cable crew that came out could jump up and touch the cable line.

If you have any concerns you can call your city first if you aren't sure who owns the line. The following are guidelines for lines to be in compliance:

·         13' 6" from the ground at mid-span (the sag between poles)

·         No closer than 40" from power wire

·         12" from phone or other contact at the pole

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