Man recovering in KC after surviving a fall into a crevasse in a glacier, breaking his back

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ted Porter is in Kansas City now but his doctors say it's nothing short of a miracle.

Porter had fell 40-feet into a crevasse while hiking a glacier.

The day of his hike he recorded video of him saying, "I'm feeling good. This isn't very hard actually."

Porter always dreamed of hiking the glacier on Mount Jackson at Glacier National Park.

Just hours after the video, he recorded another. "Mom and Dad, I fell in the crevasse, groans…I'm still alive, I'm still alive," Porter said in the cellphone video. He broke his back, but shockingly nothing else.

"In my backpack I had the proper tools which I should have used in the first place but I didn't. Somehow I took off my backpack and I took my crampons out of the bag," Porter said.

He knew the chances of getting out were slim so he recorded the video to his parents.

"You guys if I don't make it out I love you, this is no joke ok," he said at the end.

The family went to Glacier National Park dozens of times on trips but his mom Cindy couldn't fathom this.

We asked when she first saw the video what went through her mind."I didn't watch it," Cindy Porter said.

She's just happy he survived. "He's here, he's alive, and he's a walking miracle. Really most doctors have said with that kind of breaking your back most doctors have said he's lucky he can walk," Cindy Porter said.

Despite breaking his back, Porter climbed 40 feet out of the crevasse, walked 3 miles, and found campers who went for help; he said he'll go back.

"I think I'll just look at it from a distance and I think my parents will be happy with that," Porter said.

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