Man who reentered burning home sets record straight

Dog was rescued prior to Xbox

OLATHE, Kan. - An Olathe man who put his life in danger to save his Xbox from his burning home wants to clear his name.

John Reynolds says since the fire that damaged his home Thursday morning, he has gotten a lot of flack on the Internet. Mainly, because other news outlets incorrectly reported he left his dog inside to die.

Reynolds says that's not true. 

He says he went back in twice -- the first time to save his dog, Marley, and the second time to save his gaming system.

Some of the confusion may be attributed to the fact that there were two house fires the morning Reynolds' Olathe home went up in flames. In the other case, a man went inside to save his television. A dog died in that fire.

Reynolds responded to those who say risking your life for an Xbox is foolish.

"To me, it was worth it because I have some irreplaceable things on there," Reynolds said. "Like when my daughter was first born. I have photos on there that I can't replace. My daughter means a lot to me, so I had to go back in there. I felt like I needed to go back in there and get that."

Reynolds said Marley is doing fine and is staying at the family's ranch until he can find a new place to live.

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