Man's holiday joke ends up with hundreds of holiday decorations around his home

Joke turns into popular Christmas attraction

OLATHE, Kan. - With more than 150 inflatable Christmas displays, one man's house has become the biggest holiday display in Johnson County.

If you haven't already gotten into the Christmas spirit, this house will help you get in the holiday mood. 

"It's really cool," said Parker Dreiman, whose family goes to the house every year.  There are hundreds of giant penguins, elves, and plenty of Santas.  Add a bit of fake snow into the mix and Paul Craig has his own winter wonderland around his entire home. 

"And we can even add more, it's a sickness, it really is," he said.

Craig's mom died from leukemia during the holidays.

"And for the next few years, I was no fun to be around during Christmas," he said.

So Craig began putting up a few decorations here and there, until it ended up with what many in Olathe know as Paulie's Penguin Playground.

"It's just an awful lot of fun," said Craig. "And it seems like we have a lot of people come back year after year."

Kati Dreiman and her family have made the home their own family tradition.

Just watching the kids' faces and seeing how much they enjoy it, and in turn that just makes us enjoy it even more," she said.

In just an hour more than 50 people stopped by to take a look and leave a donation.  All proceeds are donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of Craig's mom.  The $2,000 electric bill is another story.

"It's all worth it and I pay all of that," said Craig.

Craig plans to keep the tradition going for as long as he can.

Besides, no matter how many times 9-year-old Parker has walked through this maze of Christmas displays, every year he seems to find something even bigger and as he says, "better." 

The display, located at 16617 Indian Creek Parkway in Olathe, will stay open to the public until Dec. 29. 

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