Mark Woodworth gets support from Ryan Ferguson as he faces third trial for murder

PLATTE CO., Mo. - A Missouri man accused of murder was back in court Friday facing a third trial for murder that happened more than 20 years ago.

Mark Woodworth was released last February after his conviction was overturned twice for the 1990 murder of Cathy Robertson, a neighbor in northwest Missouri.

The courtroom in Platte City was packed from both sides waiting to see what will happen next in this lengthy court battle.

The Chillicothe resident also had company in the courtroom from another familiar face: Ryan Ferguson, who served 10 years in jail for a murder in Columbia, Mo. he did not commit.

Ferguson was also recently released from jail, and believes Woodworth has also been wrongfully convicted.

"Absolutely, I believe he's innocent, I wouldn't be here otherwise," Ferguson said.

Currently, both men are free, but Woodworth will face a third trial this summer.

"Everything has been on the table and they've tried to distract over and over again," Robertson's daughter Rhonda said.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is continuing to pursue Woodworth's case; meanwhile his attorneys hope to get the United States Attorney General's office dismissed.

The judge has until Monday to make a decision about whether he will dismiss the attorney general's office from this case.

Mark Woodworth's trial has been scheduled for July 21, 2014.

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