Medical supplies once headed to landfill now headed to the Philippines

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For one local organization, the typhoon in the Philippines hit home. A couple from the Philippines who now lives in Kansas City started the World Outreach Organization.

They're using unwanted items from area hospitals to help friends and family devastated by the typhoon.

Members of the organization loaded up boxes of medical supplies from the North Kansas City Hospital into their cars.  Items included expired latex gloves or parts of kits that were unused-- all of which would have gone into a landfill but are now headed to the Philippines.

"They said it was the worst ever feeling that they had, according to my family, they thought it was the end of the world," Cora Zamora said.

Zamora and Dr. Antonio Racela, founder of the World Outreach Organization, planned a medical mission trip then. Now, their mission has grown.

"I don't think you can compare the devastation with anything like this. Two in a row, a major earthquake and a major, major typhoon," Dr. Racela said.

They, along with Henna Fuller, collected the medical supplies Monday morning.  All have family in the Philippines.

"Our place is used to having 20 average a year so people become used it, they probably didn't pay attention enough to the news. I wish I could fly there right away but it's not that easy," Fuller said.

The group is collecting medical supplies that can't be reused by U.S. standards but can be sterilized and used in their home country. The organization will fly with the supplies in December but until then they're also collecting the essentials.

"Over there we can buy important things that they need. Right now they only need food, water and even blankets," Zamora said.

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