Memorial service held for fallen soldier

LEXINGTON, Mo. - Family and friends honored a Wentworth Military School graduate on Sunday after he was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

Jason Togi, 24, graduated from the institution in May of 2010. Years later, as a first lieutenant, he was deployed to Afghanistan.

"I was excited for him," said Sonny Saleutogi, Togi's friend.

Seven weeks later, Sonny's excitement turned to grief. Togi was killed by a roadside bomb on August 25, when his vehicle was attacked by enemy forces.

On Sunday, fellow cadets and his family joined for a memorial in his honor.

"We always hate to see young folks pass away, but we also know that's a part of war," said Colonel Mike Lierman. "That's known when they come into the military program."

It's a choice, and a lifestyle, Wentworth cadets choose year after year, even if that means saying goodbye to loved ones too soon.

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