Men convicted of killing girl with stray bullet appear in court

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bernard Moore was supposed to have been serving 120 hours of community service as part of his punishment. But prosecutors said Monday they aren't sure if he's officially served any of it.

They handcuffed Moore and put him in jail until Monday as a warning they want him to comply with the law.

Michele Shanahan DeMoss and her husband were in court, saying she feels like she's been serving a sentence for two years since her daughter's death.

Blair Shanahan Lane died at her mother's side when four men shot a gun as celebration of the July Fourth holiday.

She was hundreds of yards away playing with pink sparklers as a stray bullet struck and killed her.

This is the second time in a month this mother has heard one of three men convicted with reckless use of a fun isn't serving his time.

"It's my responsibility to Blair to be here. I'm astonished he has not complied with 10 hours a month since last year," Shanahan DeMoss said.

Last month, another man said he had not yet served his 120 hours and the third has not been seen since Blair died.

These men are convicted of misdemeanors.

Shanahan DeMoss said she will return to court when they decide what they'll do with Bernard Moore.

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